2020 schedule

OxCo presents: CoM 2020


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OxCo presents

Cognition & Migration
2020 workshop

An engaging and exhilarating two-day workshop designed to connect scholars from all around the world.

Find out more about the
Cognition & Migration project

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Conference highlights

2 keynote addresses

by Susan T. Fiske (Princeton)
Douglas S. Massey (Princeton)

6 interactive sessions

12 ground-breaking papers will be presented and discussed

4 networking sessions,
2 social events

Including wine tasting

Full agenda

16 December
2 pm – 3 pm (Paris time)
Introduction and Keynote addresses
Susan T. Fiske (Psychology Department, Princeton)

Douglas S. Massey (Sociology Department, Princeton)

3 pm – 3:45 pm
Session 1: Social diversity
Danying Li, Miguel Ramos (Birmingham, UK), Matthew Bennett, Douglas Massey, Miles Hewstone
“How Does Increasing Immigration Affect
Ethnic Minority Groups?”

Sébastien Michiels, Christophe J. Nordman, and
Suneha Seetahul (U. of Sydney, Australia)
“Many Rivers to Cross:Social Identity,
Cognition and Labour Mobility in Rural India”

3:45 pm – 4 pm: Networking session (2 by 2)
4 pm – 4:45 pm
Session 2: Decision-making and mobility
Mathias Czaika (Danube University Krems, Austria), Jakub Bijak, Toby Prike
“Migration Decision-Making: A Typology of Processes and Features”

Ilka Vari-Lavoisier (U. Of Trento/U. Of Oxford, UK)
“A Socio-Cognitive Approach To Future-Oriented Cognition”

4:45 – 5pm: Networking session
5 pm – 5:45 pm
Session 3: Immigrant integration
Maria Abascal (New York U., US), Tiffany J. Huang, Van C. Tran
“Intervening in Anti-Immigrant Sentiments:
The Causal Effects of Factual Information
on Attitudes Toward Immigration”

Alberto Alesina, Johann Harnoss And Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics)
“Immigration and The Future of The Welfare State in Europe”

6 pm – 7 pm: Social event
Wine tasting, optical illusions, quiz and more.
Winner announcement and award at 6:55 pm.
17 December
2 pm – 2:45 pm
Session 4: Policy Frames
Virginie Guiraudon (Sciences Po, France)
“Policy Narratives in The Governance of Migration”

Jacqueline Broadhead (Oxford, UK)
“How an Interdisciplinary Approach To
Narrative Can Support Policy Making
On Migration And Integration At The City Level”

2:45 pm – 3:30 pm
Session 5: Religious and Political Affiliations
Yossi Harpaz (Harvard U./ Tel-Aviv U., Israel)
“Belonging Through Ritual: Evaluating the Effect
of Naturalization Ceremonies on Immigrant Integration”

Lena Rose (Oxford, UK) and Zoe Given-Wilson
“Claiming Asylum as Convert to Christianity:
Narrations, Expectations, Adaptations, And Misunderstandings”

3:30 pm- 3:45 pm: Networking session (4 by 4)
3:45 pm – 4:30 pm
Session 6: Exposure to Diversity
Isabel Ruiz and Carlos Vargas Silva (Oxford, UK)
“The Mental Health Impact of Election Results:
Responses of Natives and Migrants to the Brexit Vote”

Kim Knipprath and Maurice Crul (U. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
“Exposure to Diversity in Urban Space and Stereotype Dispersion: A Survey Experiment”

4:30 pm – 5:15 pm
Final 7: Policy Implications
Victoria M. Esses (University of Western Ontario, Canada), Joanie Bouchard, Kate Choi, and Patrick Denise
“Public Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Immigration in The Time Of COVID-19: The Role of Individual and Collective Threat, National Identity, And International Worldview”

Pia Orrenius (Dallas FED, US) and Madeline Zavodny “Does Immigration Enforcement Attract Low-Skilled Native Workers?”

5:15 pm – 5:45 pm: Concluding remarks
Presentationof the ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Annals by Thomas A.Kecskemethy. Concluding remarks.
6 pm (Paris time): Screening.

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